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Insider Knowledge about Bad Credit Loans

Many people mistakenly think that bad credit loans are more or less similar to normal loans. Although the basic principles of the loan are the same the actual mechanics of it are quite different. This is especially true if you have a credit history that is terrible poor where most lenders would turn their back to you.

Loans for people with terrible credit are generally different to normal loans in two ways. The first would be the calculation of risk to the lender. Each lender would have a way to index the risk they are exposed to with the price of the loan. If the risk is higher expect that the cost of the loans will also increase. Lenders increase the cost of the loan by adjusting the interest rates. The quantum at which they increase the interest rates vs. risk is dependent solely on the lender and whatever matrix that they use for calculation. As you can imagine different lenders will give you different rates depending on how they calculate the risk. I’ll go into how the risk is calculated later on.

The second way that a bad credit loan differs from a normal loan will be the conditions that are attached to the loan. Generally the worse your credit score, the tighter the loan conditions will be. This again relates to the risk that the lender is subjected too. If risk that the lender sees is higher it is only natural that they want to improve their odds of getting their investment back by making sure the conditions of the loans are as tight as possible. This is even truer for unsecured bad credit loans which have the tightest of all conditions.


The main determinant for risk will be your past financial history which comes in the form of your credit report. Although historical evidence is no promise of future performance it is the only gauge that the lenders have to determine if you are a risky customer to have. They will look at all your infractions and also your credit score then set that against their own matrix to calculate the right interest rate to offer you for your loan. Sometimes your credit score will be so poor that it breaches the cut-off point at where the lender must now turn you down because of the overly high risk.

Breaching the condition of bad credit loans are also dealt with harsher by the lender. You can expect to be harassed more and also have an increasingly troublesome mark on your credit report if you fail to abide by the conditions set forth on the loan.

Ultimately a bad credit loan differs in terms of cost and condition which are all due to the risk that the lenders face when doing business with someone with a bad credit history. If you fail to deliver on the conditions then you will be dealt with harder too.

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